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Why NiSmoke e-cigs ?

As we said elsewhere, all of us in the company are ex-smokers who took up using e-cigs as an alternative that was less expensive and more socially acceptable (you can use these anywhere - clubs, pubs and on aircraft and buses ! - management permitting).  We felt so strongly that this was a good idea, that we introduced large numbers of our friends and aquaintances to vaping, and ended up testing a number of different manufacturers and systems to get the most effective price/quality around for our own use.  We are now offering these to the general public.

We have some significant differences to other e-cigarettes that we have seen, Unlike the majority of other suppliers of cartomisers Ni-Smoke print the flavour and strength on each cartomiser, a great benefit allowing you to easily identify what you want to use when you have a number of cartomisers with you. This was a frustration we all found when we started vaping and wanted to overcome.

We also had issues with battery life and sourced batteries that were 40% more powerful than the ones we originally started with (200mAh as opposed to 140mAh).  All of our systems are fully interchangable and compatible with each other.

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