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PCC - Personal Charging Case

Product Code: NICAPCC900
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Price: £19.50
Ex Tax: £16.25
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Soft-feel hard plastic PCC complete with necessary USB charging lead (e-cig battery shown in image is not part of this product)

A PCC or Personal Charging Case contains its own battery, which is charged from a USB socket (lead supplied). This battery is internal to the case and lets you charge your e-cigarette battery within the case - even when external power is unavailable. The internal battery will provide up to four full charges of the cigarette battery. The cigarette battery is charged simply by pushing it into the charging socket in the case.  This socket fits most standard female thread e-cig batteries.

The case also contains cutouts so that it can be used to carry a battery other than the one charging, as well as 6 cartomisers, providing  a method of keeping your supplies at hand, charged, and ready to use in a convienient package about the size of a regular cigarette pack.

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